Xiaomi and Oppo may release their own 5G smartphone chips this year

Xiaomi and Oppo may release their own 5G smartphone chips this year
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Xiaomi and Oppo may release their own 5G smartphone chips this year-Xiaomi and Oppo look ready to take on Qualcomm and MediaTek by building their own 5G SoC smartphones.

According to Digitimes, the two Chinese providers will introduce their respective domestic 6 GHz 5G chips between late 2021 and early 2022. Shanghai-based chip maker Unisoc will work with the two companies to develop their own smartphone processors.

The news comes from increasing Chinese investment in the semiconductor space. The country has increased its efforts to produce chips locally so it does not have to rely on foreign chip makers.
The biggest realization came in the last two years when Huawei lost its ability to get the Kirin chipset from TSMC due to US-imposed restrictions. The country does not allow Huawei components to be sold if they are manufactured using American technology. Such dire consequences have also caused other Chinese smartphone gamers to differ in the same way that the US-China relationship deepens.

This isn’t the first thing we’ve heard about a Chinese manufacturer getting into the chip game. Previously it was rumored that Oppo has the so-called. Mariana plans to manufacture her own chipset under the direction of a former Qualcomm executive. OnePlus and Realme, Oppo’s sister companies, have also apparently joined the special chip initiative.

Xiaomi recently announced its first ISP (Image Signal Processing) chip, Surge C1, which shows that it is very capable of developing independent mobile chips. If the company launches a full-fledged 5G mobile SoC, it will be the second attempt to chip a mobile phone after the Surge S1 chip launched in 2017.

The dedicated chip also ensures that phone manufacturers can better optimize their devices for things like power consumption and overall performance. However, don’t expect them to ditch the Qualcomm and MediaTek chips completely. source link


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