Top 10 Google Assistant Tricks

Top 10 Google Assistant Tricks
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The best Google Assistant commands not only assist you to get the foremost out of your Google Home smart speaker but, because of the Google Assistant smartphone app, you’ll access the facility of “Hey Google” wherever you go. Google Assistant has come an extended way during a short time. Initially, it simply used Google’s powerful search to assist you ou search basic information, but now can make your life easier and more automated in some ways.

1)Take Screenshot

Take a Screenshot Instantly captures a screenshot of your Android device, even if it is still not available on other Google Assistant-compatible devices.

2)Viewing Photos

You can open Google Photos on your Pixel phone, tell Google Assistant to display “Photos …”, and then use “Photos …” and certain landmarks to track them. An example provided by Google shows “Show New York Photos” and then “Central Park Photos” so you can customize your journey and your own collection of images.

3)Find mobile phone

compatible with smart speakers and smart displays with Google Assistant. When you say “Find my phone”, your Android phone rings even if it is turned on silently if your Android phone is signed in to the same Google account as the speaker or screen.

4)App Management

Google Assistant can interact with a variety of Android apps including Mint, Instagram, Outlook, Discord, and Spotify. You can save a few screen clicks by using commands such as Find a Candle on Etsy or Send Money to Venmo. Use the Show My Shortcuts command to see what is available depending on the application you have installed.

5)Take pictures on time

If necessary, adjust the countdown to say “take a photo in 5 seconds” or “take a selfie in 10 seconds” for the perfect shot every time on your Android phone.

6)Remember where you put things

Your Google Assistant’s old storage capacity can be a privacy nightmare, but it can help you keep track of where everything is. If you ask the wizard to “remember that my backup key is in the file” and then ask “where is my backup key?”, You will get the correct answer again. You can give the secretary other information, for example, B. A friend’s favorite cookie or locker number.

7)Reading articles on the web

If you are using Google Chrome on Android with a web page open, tell the Google Assistant to “Read” and search the text of the page.

8)Animal sound

When you hear the animals, you’ll be amazed at how much educational content is available in the Google Assistant for Kids. choose another animal (the wizard can still choose an animal if necessary).

9)Take a coin or throw a matrix

The classic Google search trick applies to Google Assistant. When you ask to “flip a coin” or “roll a dice”, your assistant will use a certain device with beautiful animation.
10)Sending Multiple Speakers Simultaneously If you have multiple Google Nest speakers and displays in your home, you can send messages at once. Just say “send” and then speak your message.

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