PUBG on PCS isn’t yet restricted in India – Here’s the reason

The PUBG mobile app being banned in India has received more responses than the other app on the 118 lists, which India dropped from the Play Store and App Store. the sport had become quite popular in both cities and towns since its introduction to mobile phones. For the sheer number of downloads, India leads the planet with 145 million.

 In the case of mobile games, like the short-video sharing platform TikTok, the Chinese connection is bound to lose success. Unlike the apps that were banned within the initial phase, and that they mostly consisted of individuals of Chinese origin like Tiktok, AliExpress, UCWeb, etc., PUBG isn’t entirely Chinese – a proven fact that many of us do not know.

Is PUBG a Chinese app?

 The answer is not any. PUBG isn’t a Chinese application it had been designed by a Canadian, Brendan Green. the sport was developed and published by South Korean company PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean game development studio.

 When the sport was first launched in December 2017, it had been made for PC only. it had been only at a later date that the corporate joined up with Chinese giant Tencent Holdings which published the mobile-only version PUBG Mobile in March 2018.

 Since the sport was graphics-heavy and needed powerful hardware to run smoothly, Tencent published another. The version of the sport with PUBG Corporation – PUBG Mobile Lite in August 2019. Both mobile versions were alright received by users worldwide and are the first reason behind its stellar development.

 However, the sport itself isn’t Chinese by any stretch of the imagination and only mobile apps that were published by a Chinese company – Tencent Holdings, are banned. Is it legal to play the PC version of PUBG in India? Yes, playing PUBG on PC in India is legal because the government list only talks about the mobile versions of the sport. PUBG is often played on a daily PC or console without the necessity for a VPN or any tampering with the sport or PC’s settings. There are some reports, Tencent holds the tenth stake in Bluehole, so we should have a scenario where the PC version joins the restricted list.

 Since both PC and mobile games are different, you’ll find it difficult to vary parts of it. The PC version is taken into account more advanced and has better graphics. it’s available to play on Xbox, PC, PS4, and Google’s Stadia Cloud Gaming service. According to the specifications mentioned on Steam, you would like a PC or gaming laptop with a 64-bit Windows OS with a minimum Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 processor and 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 not older than Windows 7. A 2G AMD Radeon R7 370 graphics card. The system should have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and 30 GB of space for storing for the sport to run smoothly.

PubG Mobile Options

Garena freefire

Possibly closest to PubG in terms of gaming experience and modes, German Freefire is additionally a multiplayer shooter game with just one winner, the previous one standing. With over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store and App Store, Free Fire may be a highly popular game and maybe played solo in duo mode with friends and with squads.

 It comes as a game during which controls are easy to use. Slightly lighter than PubG, it can easily be played on devices with average technical specifications. Free Fire offers various avatars or characters, most of which may be purchased with in-game currency or spent diamonds that you simply get when playing the sport. the sport is liberal to download, however, it’s in-game shopping and regular online contests.

Call of duty: mobile

 from the house of Activision, Call of Duty Mobile is another popular melee game available for free of charge. Like PubG, however, it also had an association with Tencent, however, Activision’s decision to execute methods with Tencent may yield good results.

 In terms of gameplay, graphics, and features, COD Mobile is simply nearly as good or slightly better than PUBG. To recall, PUBG got features like gun game modes, aerial platforms, and “mimicry” like a location from COD Mobile.

 The fact that COD is out there in several versions of mobile, POC and console provides a well-rounded gaming experience. to form the mobile version interesting, the sport borrows tons of features from PC / console games and has added mobile-specific features like Battle Royale which incorporates 100 players, Prop Hunt, Rapid Fire, Stick, and Stones 2v2, Capture flag. round One Kill, Snipers Only, and more. PubG stands to realize maximum enjoy the mobile ban in India with Free Fire and COD Mobile.

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