Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux

Microsoft Edge browser for Linux, Microsoft has described Edge for Linux as “wanting to do something” that is something that will “eventually” happen. He then launched a survey to give feedback on the idea of existing Linux users.
Announced during its “State of the Browser” (around the 8min 24 marks) session at the Ignite conference in Orlando, the United States, Microsoft says that Edge for Linux will be released sometime in 2020.

In short? Well, it is unknown as of now. Edge for macOS and Windows 10 stabilized on January 15, 2020, but the official Edge Development website lists the Linux port as “coming soon”.
But Microsoft has added more privacy features, allowing you to have direct control over how websites can track you, as well as their own innovations such as archiving to organize information from the web.

By bringing Edge to Linux, Microsoft is clearly trying for developers and other technology users. This can be a tough sell when alternatives such as Firefox and Brave are more established and completely open-source.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, which is generally well-received, is already natively available for Windows and macOS. Microsoft recently confirmed that the Linux version also works. By the end of 2020, Microsoft plans to have an Edge browser available on every major desktop and mobile operating system.

Today, the long-rumored Microsoft Edge for Linux was briefed at Microsoft’s Construction 2020 conference. During a session, Microsoft Azure engineers were seen using Microsoft Edge for Linux.
Starting in October, Linux users will be able to download the browser from the Edge Insider website or through their native package managers.

Linux users will get the same Edge experience as users on Windows and macOS, as well as access to its built-in privacy and security features. For the most part, I expect the Linux experience on other platforms to be equal.

The new Edge browser comes with support for Chrome extension, Microsoft Defender integration, privacy controls like Firefox, collection features and more.
Microsoft has warmed up to open-source technologies, including Linux, over the years. Microsoft President Brad Smith recently stated how he felt Microsoft was on the wrong side of history regarding open-source technology at the turn of the century. Bringing Microsoft Edge to Linux will be another step towards adopting open-source technology.

Edge is now in a league of web browsers that compete directly with Google Chrome. Unlike its predecessor, the Edge can be downloaded on multiple devices such as Android, iOs, macOS and all versions of Windows. The browser runs faster than all Chromium-based browsers.

It comes with options such as tracking prevention, personalized tab layout, 4K streaming, reward points and accepting or rejecting targeted advertising. Since Microsoft has worked to make Edge intuitive, it is a good option for anyone looking for an alternative web browser.

Microsoft Edge Once it arrives on Linux, there will be a version of Microsoft Edge on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux, making it available on all major platforms.

by Microsoft-edge
Edge has a familiar layout
By design, Microsoft has combined some of the best features of the previous Edge with the layout of Google Chrome. Microsoft has done this with the intention of switching to a comfortable experience for all users.

The browser’s UI is similar to other Chrome-based browsers and looks similar to Chrome, Opera and Brave. However, there are minor differences such as sharp edges, settings layout and an option to easily opt-out of targeted advertising.

The new tab page is extended from the previous version of Edge. There are three layout versions – Inspiring, Informative and Focused, and users can switch between any depending on their mood.

The New Tab page also pins the most visited websites below the search bar, and these sites can also be updated manually. Just below the pinned websites, MSN displays an endless feed of news from all domains, trending in the last 24 hours. Users can choose to customize the themes that are displayed or turn off the feature for a more minimalistic layout.

Microsoft also announced today that its developers have made more than 3,700 visits to the Chromium project so far. Some of this work is on support for touchscreens, but the team also contributed to areas such as accessibility features and developer tools on top of the main browser fundamentals.

Leading with features
As previously mentioned, Microsoft leads the race primarily with its tracking prevention feature. If you are someone who does not want to share data with Google, then Microsoft Edge is a very good option. In addition, Edge comes with another feature, through which users can install websites as a native application.

While the feature is not new to Google Chrome users, Microsoft has worked on the presence of web apps to make them look more original on Windows. Installed apps appear in the task manager with their notifications directly in the workstation.

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