Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch

After mapping back in 2017, Google has been making good on its promise since August to bring Google Maps back to the Apple Watch.

 this new version will not let you search for a new location directly from the Watch. For seamless visits to places not saved on your watch, you’ll need to use your phone to start the process, then you can continue with navigation on the Apple Watch. So it’s still a relatively basic experience, but good for those who don’t want to get stuck with Apple Maps.

To install the new app on the Apple Watch, we first had to update the Google Maps app to the latest version 5.52 on the iPhone. Here is the link for download on Apple’s App Store. The WatchOS app requires watchOS 5 or later, which excludes the original Apple Watch.

Google’s popular navigation is back on the Apple Watch, but other apps that bypassed Apple’s wearable platform, such as the official Twitter and Amazon apps, still haven’t returned.

He added that the new app, which includes step-by-step instructions and an estimated arrival time, will be available to download in the coming weeks.

This time around, Maps is a standalone app available in the Apple Watch App Store – a slight change from its previous iteration, when iPhone users were to download the Google Maps iOS app, use it as an extension on their Watch. As per previous reports, several other apps like Amazon and eBay introduced their iOS app for Apple Watch in 2017 without any explanation.

Google (GOOGL) is also releasing an update this week that will extend its Maps App compatibility with Apple’s CarPlay system. This means that users can listen to music or check their calendar in a side-by-side display of Google Maps. Maps appear on the left side of the screen and other features, like music, appear on the right.

On the Apple Watch, Google Maps focuses on providing step-by-step instructions, along with an estimated arrival time. The primary screen of the application shows your “current journey”, while below is a list of “travel times”. This includes Home, Work and other saved shortcuts/destinations.

You cannot input a new location directly from the wearable, Google can direct users to the phone app and then continue to the Apple Watch. The WatchOS client supports navigating by car, bike, public transit or walking, and users can “set travel mode” directly from their wrist.

Once selected, the card is displayed with a large icon for turning directions and identifying the current mode of transport. The app takes advantage of haptics to provide guidance during navigation, while there is a standard, system-level shortcut on the watch face to quickly return to the scroll face view. There is also a Google Maps complexity featuring an app icon, which opens the app directly.

Despite the name, live maps are not actually displayed in a wearable app unlike Apple Maps. Meanwhile, the watch app relies exclusively on having a stable connection to your iPhone.

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