features we want to see in every 2021 smartphone

wireless charging

features we want to see in every 2021 smartphone

features we want to see in every 2021 smartphone. The difference is that the wire is connected to the charging base instead of your phone, so the charging base can be of any size and can work without putting anything on your phone.
There are a lot of options available in Flagship phones but this technology should come to a much lower-end device. We will say that in 2021 many devices will offer wireless charging. Wireless charging is easier than wire charging, though not instantaneous.

Autofocus front camera phone

The rear-facing camera has got new features in the last few years but the selfie camera has been neglected. The camera has some limitations due to the small sensor and small lens but the next big step for the front-facing camera is Having autofocus.

features we want to see in every 2021 smartphone, Because it ensures that things are being focused no matter how far away you put your device. The auto facing front-facing cam will be a big improvement

Screen refresh rate more faster

Refresh rate measures how fast the phones display updates, so to put it simply if you are reading an article, it measures how long it takes to refresh. Refresh rate counts how many times the display is refreshed every second. The 60hz display refreshes 60 times every second Faster update times also mean fewer delays because pixels are refreshed longer

features we want to see in every 2021 smartphone, The higher the Refresh rate, the higher the ultra-responsive feel and the smoother Animations. So the smartphone viewing experience makes a big difference. Also, The screen tracks your touch perfectly
Some manufacturers have made extensive use of this technology for example one plus, Samsung, iPhone. That makes the screen of this device even smoother

Bluetooth audio standards

features we want to see in every 2021 smartphone
Wireless audio is becoming more and more acceptable if not legally good – and it comes from the perspective of a self-proclaimed audio file. With technology like PhonePix HD, we need phone makers to adopt the latest Bluetooth audio standards.

APTX HD essentially enables so-called “lossless” audio over Bluetooth, meaning you can get CD-quality or excellent audio without any wires. Despite Apple’s control over the platform, most phones have embraced the technology, but that’s all – and it’s especially missing from the iPhone. And of course, then we need to certify headphones. This is a tough battle.

Although we doubt that this will change the entire industry, it would be nice if most people were listening to content while listening to the current level of Bluetooth audio quality. reference 

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