connect Alexa to Spotify
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First, you need to call your Alexa app on your phone. An app called Amazon Alexa can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app store. Tap on the app and you will be taken to the home screen. You may have enabled Bluetooth connections to other speakers and devices, but this is an opportunity to double-check. a pop-up window may give you instructions to get started or you can check it again in your settings.

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Then tap the top option “Connect Music Service” on the Amazon Alexa home screen.

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This will take you to the Music & Podcasts page, where Amazon Music is likely the default and listed at the top. Click on the blue text “Connect new service”.

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This will bring up the source page of non-Amazon programs including ApplePodcasts, AppleMusic, Pandora, and of course Spotify. Click on Spotify.

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And that brings you to the final step where you activate Spotify and link the account by logging in with your Spotify credentials.

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This! You are now ready to weaken your command. Make sure to add “… Spotify” to your instructions so Alexa knows exactly where to go.


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